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About Me :)

Hello Everyone!  I am 27 years old and I live in UK. 
I like travelling, sport (especially football) but most of all I 
love food as I am always looking for new flavours and tastes. 
I seriously think that my love about food was deeply rooted in 
the country I come from, Italy.italy-flag2

Since when I was a young boy I
had the opportunity to 
consider food not just as some
thing to feed yourself but as 
a whole universe of 
sensations, emotions and 
beneficial pleasures. 

Now, among all of the fruits 
and vegetables, 
I find tomatoes to be the most special and interesting fruit
(it's not a vegetable :) ). 

The varieties of the red colour, the grade of its sweetness make 
it very versatile in different cuisines. 
You can have it on a salad, you can make a simple tomato sauce or
even have it sun-dried and still recognize the indisputable taste. 

In a world when everything runs so fast you feel like you miss 

I will try to bring the old-fashioned glamour of finding some 
time to re-evaluate our cooking habits and by doing that 
why not re-value ourselves too :)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Time Lapse – Tomato Plant HD

The nature is really amazing, a big plant just from one seed!!!!


that’s fantastic, I love it, do you love it too?

Tomato History: Poisonous???

Poison-TomatoesTomato comes from Central America Countries and it was originally cultivated by the famously blood thirsty Aztecs and Incas explorer Cortez, who conquered the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, later to be renamed Mexico City, in 1521.

The English name tomatoderives from the Aztec Nahuatl Language “tomatl” that means “Fat Water” or “Fat Thing”.

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